Chic Carnation Creations

But Michelle Virtue with BYU Campus Craft and Floral offers chic carnation designs that will no doubt change your mind!

Not a fan of carnations? With a little creativity and the application of a few basic design tips, the carnations of your grandmother’s generation are turning over a new leaf! They can be chic and dramatic. In fact, they are showing up in some of the world’s most contemporary and innovative floral designs. Why are they making a stylish comeback? The truth is that carnations have a lot going for them. They are one of the most inexpensive flowers. They are also one of the most readily available flowers on the market.

Carnations come in a wide array of colors with new varieties being cultivated each year. A relatively new purple “Moon” series is helping carnations reinvent themselves. In addition to color, carnations provide a subtle clove-like fragrance that is sweet and recognizable. They are also long lasting and durable; basically a floral designers dream. It’s time to let go of old stereotypes and wholeheartedly embrace one of Mother Nature’s most dependable flowers.

If you are looking for something new and show-stopping for your next party, wedding or hostess gift, it’s time to give CARNATIONS a chance!

Turn carnations from drab to FAB in three easy steps!

1. Purchase in solid colors and design in mass.

Carnations can be purchased by the bunch of 25 in solid colors. When you buy them by the bunch, you can often get them at a wonderful price; usually for $1.00 or less per stem. Avoid mixing colors. Instead, focus on one or two fashionable tones that best compliment the occasion. They come in wonderful brights (red, hot pink, yellow, deep purple) and in soft pastels (pink, green, yellow, lavender, peach). Carnations are best when they are designed in mass quantities by grouping them to showcase their brilliant colors and wonderful texture.

2. Use carnations to create geometric shapes for more a more contemporary presentation.

The most dramatic carnation displays use blooms to create modern shapes in unusual ways. Carnation orbs are showing up in wedding parties, lining buffet tables atop tall glass, and setting the stage for high end parties. Try playing with other shapes. Carnations can quickly become almost anything you can imagine.

3. Compliment carnations with appropriate accents.

Carnations are best when showcased with modern shapes, clean and classic containers, and simple styles. Let the texture and interest of your design shine through by using a neutral pallet. Shiny metallics and crisp white accents are best. Brilliant fuchsia squares and rectangles atop milk vases are one of my favorite carnation looks.

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