Chicken Wire Door Hanging

Take your front door wreath to the next level by adding bright blooms and a
touch of texture!

Blogger Michelle Inkley shares how to make a chicken wire door hanging.

1. Cut a two foot piece of chicken wire with wire cutters, and trim off the
bottom two corners and fold into a cone.

2. Use gardening glove to hook the raw edges together along the back to
form a cone shape,

3. Line with a half yard of fabric. I sewed mine into a pillow case shape and
just shoved it in (you could sew it into a cone shape but that would take time
and I’m all about making it easy!).

4. Take a contrasting piece 1/8 yard and finish the edges with a sewing
machine or hemming tape and then gather.

5. Hot glue the fabric onto the chicken wire, around the top.

6. Stuff with paper of any kind.

7. Add flowers that match your personality.

8. Stick a welcome sign in the flowers. There is a fun printable on my web

9. Add you house numbers, or last name, on the ribbon.

10. Again, tie burlap ribbon material (or whatever matches) and use A
LOT!! You’ll love the effect when the wind catches the textures and makes it

Michelle Inkley is a mom of four boys and, therefore, a lover of the loud and
crazy. She is an event planner, organizer, blogger, and a vocal coach.
Michelle loves to create parties, work on Photoshop, and drive to lacrosse.
Visit her on www.theglitzypear.blogspot.

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