Duct Tape Rings

Cute, colorful and durable! Fun duct tape rings are popping up everywhere.

Studio Trend Tracker Mindy Dunyon shares her favorite new duct tape
products, including frilly duct tape rings.

Duct tape rings are all over pinterest. I found some really feminine, frilly
duct tape rings I loved and had to track them down. You can purchase them
from www.quietmischief.com. If you
want to learn to make them yourself, you can purchase instructions from
Quiet Mischief as well.

· Picture by Quiet Mischief

You can also make bigger, bulkier duct tape rings at home. It’s a perfect
craft for moms and kids to pull off together.

Where to Buy Duct Tape:

Designer Duct Tape by Platypus

· www.designerducttape.com

· Crate and Barrel Outlet

· Toys R Us

Duct Tape Sheets

· Michaels

Duck Brand Duct Tape

· Smith’s, Walmart, Walgreens and Home Depot. Home Depot has the
biggest supply!

Duct Tape Craft Kit

· Target

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