Children’s Health Check – Childhood Obesity

According to the CDC, childhood obesity now affects 17% of all children
and adolescents in the US – triple the rate from just one generation ago. If
your child is carrying a few extra pounds, it doesn’t necessarily mean he or
she is overweight or obese. But, when should you be concerned about your
child’s weight?

Elizabeth Krecker, from Health Choice Utah, explains when parents need to
be concerned.

Children develop different amounts of body fat at various stages of life. It
is important to speak with your child’s doctor. Your child’s health is best
determined by his or her history of growth and development, family
history, growth charts, and possibly through a few other tests. If your
child’s weight is a health concern, a doctor can suggest a nutrition and
exercise plan for the whole family.

Common Risk Factors for Childhood Obesity

– Diet

– Lack of Exercise

– Family History

– Psychological Factors

– Family Lifestyle

– Socioeconomic Factors

Physical Complications Associated with Childhood Obesity

– Type 2 Diabetes

– High Cholesterol

– High Blood Pressure

– Asthma and other breathing problems

– Sleep Disorders

– Joint problems

– Fatty liver disease, gall stones and gastro-esophageal reflux

– Social and emotional stress

Long-term Health Risks Associated with Childhood Obesity

· Obese children are more likely to become obese adults.

· Adult obesity is associated with a number of serious health
including heart disease, diabetes, and some cancers.1

· If children are overweight, obesity in adulthood is likely to be

Five Things Your Family Can Do to Prevent Childhood Obesity

– Fill ½ of every plate at meals with fruits and vegetables.

– Limit foods that are high in fat or sugar.

– Drink water instead of soda.

– Get 30 minutes of physical activity every day.

– Limit total daily media time to 1 – 2 hours of quality

Health Choice Utah

It’s important for children to have access to quality health care including
annual check-ups, regular immunizations and any other health care service
they may need. Health Choice Utah is a managed healthcare organization
which helps provide health insurance for those having financial difficulties
to give parents and children access to quality medical care from
experienced physicians and health professionals.

Health Choice Utah is now available in Utah, working directly with
physicians, hospitals and clinics in Salt Lake and Davis County. The focus of
Health Choice Utah is to improve the health and wellness of the people and
communities we serve.

Health Choice Utah provides:

– Wide network of quality healthcare providers

– Unique health and wellness programs focused on each
health care needs

– Attentive and helpful customer care department

– Values an ongoing and positive relationship with each individual

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