Bio-identical Hormone Therapy

If you’re feeling sluggish and need a boost, you might be experiencing
imbalanced hormones. Josh Palmer PA and Dr. Vaughn Johnson MD talk
about a hormone replacement that can make you look and feel younger in
no time.

What is Restorative Hormone Therapy?
RHT is a method of identifying where your body’s natural hormones are out
of balance and then restoring you back to your natural balance. By doing
so, we are able to help your body perform at its optimal levels. RHT uses
bio-identical hormones, which means that the hormones are identical in
form and structure to those found in your own body.

What are the benefits of Restorative Hormone Therapy?
More energy, more restful sleep, increased libido, weight management,
improved moods, more ability to concentrate

Who can benefit from this therapy?
Anybody who is experiencing the symptoms we just talked about can
benefit from this therapy. This program is designed for both men and
women. Usually clients do not experience these symptoms until they are in
their late 30’s, early 40’s. This is also an ideal program for women going
through menopause.

How long does it take to see results and how long does somebody normally
stay on the program?
Most patients will start feeling relief from their
symptoms within 4-6 weeks of using the hormones. Since the idea behind
this program is to duplicate what your body is no longer doing, most
patients will stay on a program long term.

We will be holding open houses next week where clients can come and
learn about the program and the benefits.
Tuesday, June 12th at 7PM at Elase of Draper
Thursday, June 14th at 7pm at Elase of Orem

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