Chocolate Transfer Sheets

Alisa Bangerter, Studio 5 Party, Holiday and Ideas Contributor shows how to use chocolate transfer sheets.

What is a chocolate transfer sheet?

Chocolate transfer sheets are plastic/acetate sheets that have cocoa butter (colored with food coloring) designs printed on them. The design can be simple or elaborate and can be one color or several colors. Motifs, logos, and even words can be found on chocolate transfer sheets and they are available in many themes including holidays. The design on the sheet will transfer onto melted chocolate or candy coating that is spread onto it. The result is stunning and very unique and perfect for decorating and embellishing desserts and treats.

How do I use chocolate transfer sheets?

1. Lay chocolate transfer sheet down flat on parchment paper or a Silpat mat with the printed or rough side up.

2. Melt candy coating or chocolate (temper real chocolate first if necessary) and using an offset spatula, spread the melted chocolate in a thin layer over the sheet.

3. Let chocolate set and peel away transfer sheet. Break into pieces to embellish desserts.

If wrapping the sides a cake or dessert with chocolate, cut the transfer sheet the height of the cake. Tape several pieces of transfer together (on smooth side) if more length is needed. Spread the transfers with chocolate (follow steps 1 and 2 above) and let set until gloss is gone but still soft. Gently lift transfer (trim sides with a knife if necessary) and press onto sides of a frosted cake or dessert. Let set in refrigerator until hard then peel away the transfer sheet.

If shapes are to be cut, let chocolate set until gloss is gone but still soft. Use a knife or a cookie cutter to cut shapes. Let chocolate harden and then peel away transfer sheet and remove chocolate shapes.

If transfers are to be placed on cookies or dipped chocolates, simply cut the transfer sheet into desired sized pieces. Dip chocolates or spread cookies with melted chocolate and set transfer sheet onto item pressing sheet evenly into item (turn item over onto transfer piece if flat) and let set until hard. Peel away transfer sheet. This works well with transfer sheets that have motifs or sentiments.

Tips for using chocolate transfer sheets:

• Chocolate transfer sheets must be stored in a cool dry place. The cocoa butter printing can melt easily. (If ordering transfer sheets online – be aware that shipping in hot summer months could cause the sheets to melt.)

• Chocolate transfer sheets can be cut to any size or shape before using. If long strips are needed, simply tape the pieces together on the smooth side to desired length.

• Use dark or milk chocolate with gold, white or other light transfers. White chocolate makes great contrast with darker transfers. Remember not to use the same color chocolate or candy coating as the transfer or it won’t show up.

• Use a pastry bag to draw chocolate designs onto the transfer sheets. Let set and remove. This is a fun way to make custom chocolate shapes or thin designs.

• Chocolate transfers come in many everyday designs as well as designs for most holidays throughout the year.

• Chocolate transfer sheets work well with magnetic candy/chocolate molds.

• Flavor chocolate using oil flavoring not extracts. Extracts will cause the chocolate to seize up.

• Any type of cookie, candy or cracker that can be dipped or iced with chocolate or candy melts can work with transfer sheets.

• You Tube has many videos to watch with creative ways to use chocolate transfer sheets. An instructional video is also available (see info. below).

Where can I buy chocolate transfer sheets?

Locally in the Salt Lake City area, chocolate transfer sheets can be found at Orson Gygi or Bakers Cash and Carry.

Do an internet search (Google “chocolate transfer sheets”) for many options and places to purchase the sheets. Remember that prices vary a lot so do some comparison shopping before purchasing. Some stores offer exclusive designs.

Country Kitchen SweetArt is a good place with reasonable prices to buy chocolate transfer sheets or They also offer a great DVD by Autumn Carpenter that contains more specific information and creative ways to use chocolate transfer sheets

Custom made transfer sheets can be made and are fun for weddings, businesses, etc. Usually you must buy in bulk. Check out:
(They also have information on how to use the transfer sheets on fondant.)

Instructions on how to make your own chocolate transfer sheets:

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