Christmas Card Displays

Wendy Smedley has three economical ideas you can buy or make yourself!

1. Card Wreath

•    Wire wreath (found at most craft stores)
•    spray paint (optional if you want to paint wreath)
•    hole punch
•    two spools of holiday ribbon that matches your décor
•    2 yards of thick ribbon (used to hang wreath)
•    holiday cards
•    basket (used to hold cards and tools)
•    hook or knob to hang wreath

To populate your wreath punch a hole in the card and tie cards on. Your wreath with quickly fill in with photos of loved ones and festive holiday images.

2. Table Spray

Use an ordinary wire photo tree for a tabletop display of cards. Try a purchased wire tree with many clips, or one that is photo album-style. Decorate with beads and ribbon if you wish.

3. Card Frame

•    large empty frame
•    screw eyes
•    wire
•    wire cutters
•    scraps of fabric
•    hot glue
•    clothespins
•    floral picks

1. mark on the inside of the frame where you want the cup hooks     to go
2. insert cup hooks (add glue if needed)

3. tear fabric into 1″ strips
4. wrap around frame, adding glue to hold down when needed

5. wrap wire through hooks
6. add clothespins
7. embellish with cards and holiday decor

Wendy Smedley is a trendspotter in the papercrafting world. She writes about her fun finds, her photography and her family of five boys. Check out Wendy’s blog, Endless Possibilities, at

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