How to Decorate Using Red

Designer Angela Ingo inspires us to decorating with red.

Why use red? Adding a little red to a room gives the space LIFE! It creates a pop and a finishing touch. Because red is a more intense color, less of it is needed to create an effect.

Some designers say you should use red in every room. I’m a believer you should at least try red in every room. Depending on the shade, red has the potential to accent nearly every color scheme and design. It does not have to be an overwhelming addition, such as a large piece of red furniture (although I’m in love with my own red couch!). Even small pops of color and accents can add an element of interest and even unexpected surprise to your style.

You would be surprised at all the little red items you can find around your house, and you don’t have to spend a dime! Red is sometimes considered too bold for most of us, but here are a few ways to add a little red and make your room feel fantastic!

1. Pillows

A basic toss pillow or a patterned pillow with a thread of red can wake up a bed, couch or overstuffed chair.

2. Flowers

If you’re timid about embracing this color, start small. A simple flower bouquet is a nice way to ease into the idea.

3. Fruit

Let nature bring this color in for you! A bowl of apples can be an appetizing addition to a kitchen counter or dining table.

4. Artwork

Like art, red communicates an emotion all of its own.

5. Frames

Contain this striking color with structure.

6. Pots/Vases

A great accent to a kitchen, living room – or even the bedroom. Add a red vase to an end table to liven up the space.

7. Books

Hiding underneath those book covers could be a hidden pop of red! Stack a few red books (in varying shades, even) to add height and color.

Angela Ingo has a degree in design and has always had a creative flair. She has pursued several different outlets over the years, including graphic design, handmade books, stained glass and framed leaf art which she sold in Park City. As the mother of three, she realized how important it was to have a cozy comfortable space to live in, and raise her family. So as a result, she researched and discovered that there are some simple design principles that anyone can use. And it does not matter what style you like or if you have a small apartment or a large home. You can take what you have already and make a space more cozy and comfortable.

To find out what other principles make a difference visit Angela’s blog ( She posts twice a week, including before and after pictures demonstrating how you can do this on your own, in your own home!

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