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3 Christmas Floral Trends to Try on Your Holiday Dinner Table

Use one of these Christmas floral trends as a holiday table centerpiece.

There are few memories more meaningful than those around the dinner table, especially Christmas dinner. There’s one final flourish to add that will set the tone for any gathering.

Floral designer Brynn Larsen shares  how to set up a pretty floral centerpiece for Christmas dinner.

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3 Christmas Floral Trends


Brynn says she sees these as a trend for 2024. They are making a major comeback!

Brynn shows a few with fresh florals, adorned with ribbons, bows and fruit using carnations, roses and hydrangea. She also shows how to make a few longer lasting with Spanish moss, which is also making a huge comeback. Brynn says it’s easy to DIY at home.


To keep your poinsettias fresh for longer, you can cut and burn the ends of the poinsettia bloom. Brynn shares how to make a vintage arrangement with candles, and a bud vase arrangement.


Brynn puts a new spin on this absolute classic. She says, “We are putting pearls on everything and especially fruit! So easy to DIY as well. All you need are bouquet or boutonniere pins and fruit. You can pin them directly into the fruit to create any design, then add them to your tablescape to make it feel extra special and extravagant.”

Growing up, Brynn would never let her mom buy her anything floral print. How her world has changed! Now florals are everywhere she looks, and she wouldn’t change a thing. Brynn says flowers are a tangible form of love. Pretty blooms are her safe space. After a few months of late-night garage wedding work, she found an apprenticeship in New York City. That was all it took to start her own full time floral gig. When she’s not up to her elbows in flowers, she can be found on the patio listening to live music, eating at Chunga’s, taking a watercolor class, or escaping the valley to relax.

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