christmas tree in a basket

Holiday trend alert! Put your Christmas tree in a basket! Here are 5 of our favorites…

By Lauren Tippetts

Holiday trend alert! Gone are the days of a worn, flat tree skirt. We are hiking it up to level two with this trend. We’ve seen people put their Christmas tree in a basket, and we’re LOVING the look! It updates the whole room, and brings in that rustic feel we’ve been super into this year. A couple things to keep in mind:

  1. Make sure your tree stand will fit in the basket. You don’t want to get all excited about putting your Christmas tree in a basket, and then have it be too small.
  2. You want a basket that isn’t too shallow, but not too deep either. You’re looking for a happy medium. If it’s too shallow, you lose the effect. If it’s too deep, you’ll have some tree stems smashed in there. It’s not the end of the world. In fact with the right tree, it can fill out the base a little bit. You just don’t want it to look funny.
  3. Think about the shape of your tree. Pick something that matches its character.

With that said, these are five of our favorite baskets that should do the trick! They’re pretty average in size, so they should work for most situations. But make sure to check your tree!


Large Wicker Floor Basket With Braided Handle, $59.99

We love this for the simplicity. It’s a basic woven basket, but add it to the base of your tree and it totally elevates the space. The braided handle detail doesn’t hurt either!


Beige and Silver Handwoven Seagrass Basket, $79.99

We love a chunky weave, but there’s something to say for a finer weave too. It makes this rustic basket feel sleek at the same time. The silver sliver at the bottom is a fun touch, along with the tassel on top!


Round Natural and Black Basket With Handles, $31.99

We’ve spotted these belly baskets everywhere. They add character to a space all on their own. So putting your Christmas tree inside is a no brainer! This basket may be suited for a smaller tree, so be sure to check your measurements.


Extra Large Woven Basket, $37.97

If you’ve gone for a more modern look in your home, you can still get in on the Christmas tree basket fun! This grey woven basket totally matches that style. You can also go for cream, if that is more your color scheme.

Shallow Bushel Basket, $12.82

This basket is just fun. It brings us all the farm vibes, and can’t you just picture a cute little tree in there? We think it would work well for a small to medium size tree that is fuller near the bottom.

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