Clean Green Carpet Cleaning

Travis Warr, from Clean Green talks about cleaning that is “green”.

Everyone in this day and age is becoming more and more concerned about protecting the environment. Clean Green concentrates on protecting the environment and air quality in homes.

Clean Green doesn’t use any soaps or detergents because they can be difficult to rinse out, causing carpets to get dirty faster because the soaps attract dirt. Instead we use all natural citrus products to loosen all the dirt and oils in your carpets and then rinse it out with a very powerful truck mounted system.

Not only does citrus clean better, but your carpets aren’t going to feel crunchy and stiff or have a musky smell afterwards. Your carpets will have no residue.

Clean Green is offering a special service right now – 4 rooms @ $89.95!

For more details, check out, or call # 801-55-green.

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