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Grow climbing plants for a charming yard! 5 vines that work well in Utah

Climbing plants bring a lot to your yard design.

If you want to add color and texture to your landscape, consider vines. With little training, climbing plants can add charm to your outdoor space. They can also create more privacy, hide eyesores, and even boost your property value.

Heidi Orme, with Millcreek Gardens, shared her favorite climbing plants that will serve us well in our Utah climate.


The Underestimated Power of Climbing Plants

Vines are often overlooked, but they have a lot of potential. They can transform a space by adding color, screening from neighbors, and even growing fruit. Heidi likes the Black Eye Susan. It’s an annual vine that blooms all summer long. It blooms in oranges, reds, whites, and pinks.

Caring for Your Vines

Vines are not high maintenance. They thrive in the sun. “The more sun you give a vine, the more it’s going to bloom,” Heidi said. Watering needs are standard, similar to other garden plants. However, they do need a stable structure to climb on, so make sure to give them one.

Exploring Different Types of Vines

There are so many types of climbing plants to choose from. Here are some of Heidi’s favorites:

  • Clematis: Comes in several colors and adds a unique texture to your yard with its large blooms and cute pom-poms.
  • Wisteria: With its draping flower clusters, this plant gives you a moody aesthetic and a nice smell.
  • Honeysuckle: This vine attracts hummingbirds with its tubular, sweet-smelling flowers.
  • Trumpet Vine: Though vigorous, this plant is a great addition if you have a sturdy structure for it to grow on.
  • Passionflower: This plant It kind of has a helicopter look to it, and it gives you tropical fruity vibes.

Keeping Vines in Check

While vines can be a beautiful addition to your garden, some, like wisteria and trumpet vine, can grow out of control. These vigorous climbers need a sturdy structure and regular pruning to keep them in check.

Vines are hardy plants that can withstand typical garden pests. They add height, texture, and drama to your garden, making them a fun element to consider in your design planning.

All these vines and more are available at Millcreek Gardens, located at 3500 South and 900 East. They’re always improving their selection, so if there’s a color you want to see, they’ll bring it in. Visit their website at

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