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kitchen decor

No need to remodel, just add kitchen décor! 5 finishing touches that complete the space

These kitchen décor pieces are super simple to add to your home.

Kitchens are really the heart of the home, and we want them to feel warm and welcoming. The shapes in a kitchen are geometric with a lot of hard surfaces, so we want to add kitchen décor that will warm up the space and add color. Styling is such an easy way to do that!

Emily England shared some simple suggestions for styling a kitchen. These are items that you can easily add and not have to redo anything. And, they will change the feeling in your kitchen.


Cute hand and dish soap, attractive scrubber, tea towels

We do not often see these kitchen décor items in photos on Instagram or Pinterest, but the reality is everyone needs dish soap and hand soap, and a scrubber. Use hand soap and dish soap that look beautiful, with a cute scrubber. Corral them in a lovely dish or tray.

Have darling tea towels or hand towels on the handles of your range. These are fun to switch out seasonally, or just as you want to switch things up. They can add color and be functional for drying off hands. If you need paper towels, just buy a cute paper towel holder.


Adding fresh flowers or greenery really makes a kitchen come alive. Try potted topiaries, potted herbs, or fresh flowers and stems. These are fun to switch out seasonally. Tulips in the spring, hydrangea in the summer, magnolia leaves in the fall, etc.

The vessels you use should be interesting and add color or warmth. Copper pitchers are so beautiful and add so much warmth. Or, try colorful ginger jars. You really want to add visual interest and color.

Cutting Boards

Stack cutting boards behind a range. A round cutting board seems to soften all the hard edges in a kitchen space. The wood also adds so much warmth to a kitchen.

Remember to use a few different sizes to make it look interesting. You can also just stack them against your backsplash if you have a few areas you need to style.

Don’t be afraid to use the cutting boards to chop vegetables or for a charcuterie board. Don’t have things in your home that are so precious you can’t use them. The use gives them an incredible patina.

Bowls of fruit or veggies

Beautiful bowls add color and/or warmth to these spaces. If you fill them with apples, oranges, peaches… it adds color. Bonus: you and your family are more likely to eat the fruit when it’s right there on the counter!

A dough bowl is a good option for a long kitchen island. They are antique wood bowls that were used to allow dough to rise in the shape of a loaf. Just fill them with apples, oranges, or whatever is in season.


You can hang it on walls in the space, but it also looks amazing on an easel under cabinets or over a range hood. Add it on the tile behind the burners if you can make sure it won’t catch fire! Art is the best way to add dimension, color, and it adds so much character and interest!

Fruit or vegetables is the obvious choice, but a landscape can add green and warmth. You can move it around as you want to switch things up!

Emily England offers full-service interior design specializing in timeless, custom residential projects. Learn more at or on Instagram @emilyenglanddesign.

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