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Kimberly Pettitt

Cocoa bombs, but for spring! These St. Patrick’s Day gold bombs are a show stopper

It’s Christmas cocoa bombs with a twist!

Kids go crazy for cocoa bombs. It’s normally something we think about at Christmas time, but this is a spring spin on this special treat. A fun St. Patrick’s Day activity that’s not only fun to eat, but allows your little leprechauns to dig for their own pot o’ gold.

Lifestyle and fitness expert Kimberly Pettitt is here to show us how to make St. Patrick’s Day Gold Bombs.

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How to Make St. Patrick’s Day Gold Bombs

Items You Need


Kimberly shares a few must-do’s to make a successful candy bomb:

– Use silicone molds
– Freeze mold for a few minutes before adding chocolate
– Candy melts are easier to work with than chocolate
– Use two chocolate coats – always! (Freeze in between coats)
– Don’t overfill
– Use icing bags to pipe chocolate for sealing
– Use wax paper for easy clean up

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