last minute classroom valentines

Last Minute Classroom Valentines: These 8 ideas are cute and easy to pull off

Time to get those last minute classroom Valentines ready!

The last-minute rush to make the classroom Valentines is here. Make something both you and your kids will love… but let’s keep it simple.

Kids activity creator, Kelcie Hansen, has unique ideas to elevate your kid’s valentines while also making it manageable for you.

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8 Cute Ideas for Last Minute Classroom Valentines

Find all of these valentines as a free printable on her website! We’ve also attached the Olympic themed valentine down below for you to download and print!

  1. “You’re CEREALSLY amazing!”- cereal pouches
  2. “You’re all that and a BAG OF CHIPS” & “Friend-CHIP goals”- bags of chips
  3. “We were MINT to be friends”- mint gum
  4. “You COLOR my world”- card to color + crayons
  5. “I’m so glad we’re in the same SCHOOL”- goldfish crackers
  6. “You’ve got a PIZZA my heart”, “There’s no TOPPING our friendship”, & “Any way you SLICE it, you’re a great friend”- pizza fruit roll-up.
  7. “Let’s STICK together” – water bottle stickers
  8. You’re a GOLD medal valentine” – golden oreos

Kelcie Hansen is a mom of 4, book lover, and future art teacher on a mission to help everyone be the “fun mom” with minimal effort and remember life is better when we’re laughing.

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