Coffee Filter Ruffle Lamp Shade

Add rows of ruffles to an old, outdated lamp shade!

Crafter Amanda Laing with the blog “DIY Til We Die” shows a lamp re-vamp
worth looking at!

Anyone else have a bunch of plain ugly lamp shades at their house? And with
new lamps priced at upward of $100.00, we decided to take matters into our
own hands! Here is a lamp shade makeover that we hope inspires you!

You can get coffee filters at the dollar store! You can either do white
(bleached), or the tan (natural) – you could even use cupcake liners if you
wanted colors!!!

You can get cheap $6 lamp shades at Wal-Mart, if you need two that match.
(It doesn’t matter what color they are.)

You fold the filter up like so….

Till it looks like this! I crinkle a bunch and make a pile, then just glue them
on! It goes really fast!

I even think it would be cute to just do around the bottom for a little girl’s

Here is a view of what the top edge looks like when it’s done (the inside of
the shade crinkles and melts a bit because of the hot glue).

Here they are all done! The filters add a good 3 inches of width to each side,
so keep that in mind!

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