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Coffee table books make your home more welcoming! Here’s how to style them…

Add some inexpensive coffee table books to your collection.

Holiday guests are about to walk through the door. It’s a great time to make your space feel warm and welcoming.

Designer Emily England says coffee table books are a cheap and convenient accessory to add those warming layers.

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Emily’s Favorite Coffee Table Books

  1. Architecture books: Timeless by Patrick Ahearn
    • Patrick is one of the country’s top classical architects and this book is filled with gorgeous estates in throughout New England.
  2. Design books: Beautiful and More Beautiful by Mark Sikes
    • He is one of the most celebrated interior designers of our day. His books are full of incredible interiors.
  3. Beautiful cookbook: Graze
    • This cookbook is full of gorgeous images of food, not just recipes. The cover is also so gorgeous and vibrate.
    • Kitchens have a lot of cold, hard surfaces, so I love to add color through art and having a beautiful cook book on display on an easel. Also, your guests are going to think you are so domestic when they come over and see your cookbook open on the counter.
  4. Art Books: Monet
    • Art books are about the best coffee table books because they are full of gorgeous images of art!
  5. Travel books: Secret Gardens of the Cotswolds
    • I love this book because I love the Cotswolds, but there are so many incredible books about various cities and National Parks all around the world. Find a book about a place that is meaningful to you and your family.
  6. Garden books: The Art of the Garden
    • I love gardening, so I have collected gardening books. But really, there are beautiful books about every hobby.
  7. Style books: Ralph Lauren: In His Own Fashion
    • I adore this book and Ralph! Look at this gorgeous cover. And coffee table books about fashion designers are so fun!

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