perfect party

Imagine your perfect party… now make it happen! 8 ways to level up holiday entertaining

The perfect party is within your reach!

We’re often reaching for the next new party idea, but honestly, the party ideas will come pouring forth when you take a moment to imagine the end result. Step away from the checklist of to-dos for moment and find your way to imaginative entertaining that is just right for your family in this moment.

Laura Johnson, owner of Coton Colors in Tallahassee, Florida, built an entire company on entertaining and the beautiful products that go with it. Celebrations are her jam. She shares her ideas.

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Laura Johnson is founding artist and CEO at Coton Colors, based in Tallahassee Florida. Laura is passionate about celebrations, and inventive about how to make them special. Years of entertaining, and the memories made by gathering, have inspired her own line of celebratory products including serveware, giftware and stationery that help to celebrate all kinds of moments with style. Connect online at

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