Collision Guard

Martin Lee from Collision Guard is here to explain how works.

What is Collision Guard all about?

It’s about changing the way people think about driving. We’re trying to encourage people to drive a little safer by giving them information they can use – like safe-driving tips or new gadgets that keep an eye on teen drivers – and rewarding them with some of the best discounts they can find on everything from oil changes to new tires.

How does it work?

When people sign up – which is absolutely free, by the way – we’ll send them a monthly email that includes a short and sometimes funny video, a few pointers for how to be better drivers and information on some of the newest technologies that might help protect them and their families. But here’s a real advantage for people who sign up. They can go onto our website at any time and get the latest deals on everything automotive in their area. And they are the BEST deals. The companies that work with us promise to post their best coupons there.

How can the website help me?
We want to protect families and their pocketbooks. Traffic accidents are the leading cause of death among America’s younger citizens aged 2-34, with an annual cost of $230 billion. And they cause tens of thousands of deaths every year. That’s scary. We want make the roads safer by helping people – through information, humor and great deals – become better drivers.

What’s the next step for people who want to get involved?
We’ve got a great website at Just stop by, check out our videos and sign up. It’s quick, it’s easy and you’ll probably get some good laughs. We’ve got some hilarious homemade videos that we just posted on our site, as well as some fun articles about things like kissing while driving. It’s completely free and please go to our Facebook page and give us a ‘Like”.

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