Color of the Year: Five Fun Ways to Add it to Your Mix

Studio 5 Contributor Mindy Dunyon takes a look at color and reveals the “Color of the Year”!

When it comes to color, Pantone usually has the final say…which was the case in 2008…when it named the year’s color as blue iris…a deep, blue…that’s definitely on the cool side of the color wheel.

It was chosen because it reminds people of mystery and excitement. But with the way things are going this year…it looks like we’ve all had just about enough mystery and excitement…and now we need some hope and radiance….in the form of mimosa!

No, not the alcoholic beverage, but an orange-hued, bright yellow…that’s best compared to the abundant flowers of the Mimosa tree.

Pantone named Mimosa as it 2009 color choice because it is a warm, engaging color.

And during these tough economic times… no other color expresses optimism, hope and reassurance, more than yellow.

Already mimosa has been seen all over the runway during fashion week in all styles of dresses and women’s clothing.

And even First Lady Michelle Obama wore a mimosa colored dress on Inauguration Day.

The designer, Isabel Toledo said she wanted to dress the First Lady in “a very optimistic color, that had sunshine.”

But it goes beyond fashion.

This year mimosa is also taking over in home furnishings…like sofas, lamps, tables…even accent colors.

And it’s so versatile, it coordinates with any color and also has appeal for men and children.

So next time you go shopping and you need a little pick me up, buy something Mimosa colored and let’s hope the economic future is as bright as this color is!


1. Purse from Purse-onality at Gardner Village; $46.99

2. Wallet from Purse-onality at Gardner Village; $34.99

3. Baby Shoes from Sassie Babies at Gardner Village; $32

4. Skirt from Posh Frippery at Gardner Village; $59

5. Rug from Down to Earth at Gardner Village

6. Kitchen Décor from TJ Maxx; $12.99

7. Men’s Tie from TJ Maxx; $9.99

8. Women’s Shirt from Urban Blues; $19.99

9. Flowers from Tai Pan Trading; $12

10. Mimoa Shampoo by Philosophy from Nordstrom; $16

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