4 Ways Commitment Can Strengthen Our Young Adults

Young adults these days seem uninterested in commitment. Rather than building a career or starting a family, they’re okay to remain “unshackled.”

Dr. Matt Townsend shares four ways committing to something actually fosters independence.

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How to Help Young Adults Commit

You can be free from something, or free to do something.
– David Brooke, “Second Mountain”

Commitment: Builds Our Identity

With every commitment you make, there are people involved. With marriage you become a husband or wife, in a career you become a colleague or friend. all these things build your identity.

Commitment: Enables More Meaning and Purpose

Young adults sometimes wait for the clouds to open and tell them what they should be. The best way to find out what you should be is to commit to something.

Commitment: Drives Human Growth and Potential

The only way to grow is with some resistance. The only way to know your potential is by pushing against something. So commit to try and go deeper with something.

Commitment: Builds Our Moral Character

Nothing will test you more than what you are committed to. Once you’ve committed to something, you know what your yes’s are and what your no’s are.

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