Concrete Turns Colorful

Fix-It Chick, Amber Anderson shows us how to stain and seal concrete for a dramatic flooring alternative.

Where to use:

• For uncoated and unsealed, properly prepared Interior or Exterior Patios, Pavers, Driveways*,Walkways*,Garage Floors, Pool or Cool Decks and other concrete floors.

*Important note for driveways and garages: The composition of concrete varies; therefore, the lack of proprer surface preparation and/or over application can lead to automobile tires lifting the product from the surface.

*Only light or pastel colored concrete stains should be used. DARK COLORS RETAIN HEAT.


• New concrete must cure for a minimum of 30 days.

• Remove old coatings and sealer, if present, Use BEHR NO. 992 CONCRETE & MASONRY PAINT STRIPPER. Follow all lable instructions.

• Test: sprinkle a few drops of water on the surface. If water is quickly absorbed the suface is ready. If not absorbed, re-etch.

• for proper preparation and adhesion of topcoat, use BEHR NO. 991 CONCRETE & MASONRY CLEANER/ETCHER to clean and etch the surface. Follow the label Instructions.

• If there are mildew stains they will need to be removed, try using BEHR NO. 62 PREMIUM MILDEW STAIN REMOVER. Follow all lable instuctions.

• For better top coat adhesion use BEHR NO. 880 CONCRETE & MASONRY BONDING PRIMER.


• Do not thin stain. Intermix cans of same product to insure color uniformity.

• Stir thoroughly befor and during application and use stain when tempuratures are between 50 and 90*F. Don’t apply in direct sun light.

• Apply to dry concrete. Do not applly if rain or heavey dew is expected within 24 hours.

• Apply stain in small 4’x4′ sections, working quickly and feathering the edges.

• Apply with a High quality pump sprayer at a fine spray setting.

• Allow first coat to dry 4 hours before deciding if a second coat is needed or appling sealer.

For added protection:

• For high gloss look BEHR NO. 985 WET LOOK SEALER

• For low gloss finish BEHR NO. 986 LOW LUSTER SEALER

Dry time:

• Dries to the touch in 1 hour.

• Light foot trafic after 24 hour.

• Furniture after 72 hours.

If you have questions regarding proper disposal of chemicals and materials, visit or call (800) CLEAN UP.

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