Sun Ovens: An Alternative Cooking Method

SUN OVENS International takes a different approach. They’ve taken a concept that has been around for centuries, and have combined it with more improved materials to make the most effective solar cooking devices in the world. The SUN OVEN® has been designed to overcome most of the cultural barriers that have restricted the widespread use of the sun for cooking.

The SUN OVEN is often compared with box cookers made out of aluminum foil and cardboard (homemade boxes of various sizes and shapes). While the energy conversion principles are the same, the materials utilized in manufacturing SUN OVENS® have been carefully researched to include the most efficient materials available. In order to capture the maximum amount of energy, achieve the highest possible temperature, and retain the greatest amount of heat, while minimizing the weight, the materials utilized have been selected based on efficiency and quality. SUN OVENS International is determined to disseminate solar appliances that truly meet people’s needs rather than distributing perpetuating cookers that work only under the most ideal conditions.

The initial price of a GLOBAL SUN OVENS® is higher, but due to its long life, ability to cook on partly cloudy days and allowing food to stay warm for hours, the cost per meal is lower than any other solar cooking device.

Redefining Cooking In the U.S.

The fast-paced American lifestyle has cultivated a fast food approach to cooking and eating; even if it means sacrificing nutrition, taste, health, and the environment. SUN OVENS International is endeavoring to make Americans aware of the enriching health lifestyle and environmental benefits of cooking with the sun.

Redefining Cooking Around the World

In the developing world, the high quality and features of the SUN OVEN® have overcome the cultural obstacles, which have caused other solar cooking projects to fail. The most often-cited reason for the failure of solar cooking projects is that most people in the developing world work while the sun is out and eat their main meal of the day after sundown. Food cooked in most solar cooking devices must be consumed immediately or it will become cold. The SUN OVEN® is very well insulated, which allows food cooked in the afternoon sun to stay warm until it is ready to be consumed later in the evening.

Another reason solar cooking has not been widely accepted is that most solar cookers require more time to cook than cooking over a wood fire. Women in developing countries are reluctant to start cooking many hours earlier than they are accustomed to accommodate a new cooking method. The SUN OVEN® has been designed to cook in the same amount of time as cooking over a traditional three stone wood fire. NGO’s which have worked with SUN OVENS® have found they have had an easier time getting people to use them because the ovens work so well and maintain cooking temperatures significantly higher than other types of solar devices.

Unfortunately, to be able to make a solar appliance that women will use for the majority of their cooking involves cost. SUN OVENS International is working to overcome the cost by assembling the ovens in the country they will be used and by allowing women to pay for the ovens over time via small weekly installment payments using money they are currently spending to buy charcoal or other cooking fuels.

SUN OVENS International manufactures two types of solar ovens that are widely respected around the world. Since their introduction in 1986, these ovens have cooked millions of meals, baked countless loaves of bread and saved millions of tons of wood.

Diverse peoples use SUN OVENS® around the world for many and varied reasons. SUN OVENS® have been adopted by everyone…

From governments in developing countries looking for solutions to deforestation – to North American families looking for a way to bake without heating up their kitchens.

From women in the rain forests of Africa who can’t find wood to cook with – to deer hunters in North America who love moist venison.

From Americans concerned with power disruptions and increasing fuel costs – to Pakistani women who cannot afford the high cost of fuel to make their dinner.

From ice fishermen in Minnesota baking their catch on a frozen lake – to desert dwellers in Kuwait baking lamb.

From RV enthusiasts looking for fresh moist roasts – to environmentalists trying to preserve the planet for future generations.

From micro-bakeries in Honduras making bread and pastries – to an orphanage in Uganda feeding hundreds daily.

The one thing they all have in common is that they have all discovered… solar energy is the least polluting and most inexhaustible of all known energy sources and it is free.

SUN OVENS® are the foremost and most effective solar cooking devices available anywhere in the world.

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