Confident in a Swimsuit: No Longer an Oxymoron

Confident in a Swimsuit: No Longer an Oxymoron

The idea of prancing around in a swimsuit may be your idea of a nightmare wrought with terror and anxiety. You are not alone in these thoughts.

But Studio 5 Beauty & Style Contributory Holly Stone proves – you can feel confidence in that summer swimsuit.

Summer 2011 is upon us and the season of the swimsuit has arrived! I can think back on times in my life when I chose not to attend events because it might have required me to wear a swimsuit. Or even worse, I showed up but didn’t participate with my kids because I wasn’t dressed to do so. I remember my daughter begging me to get in the water to play with her, but I couldn’t because I was too embarrassed. I was missing out on making those memories with her and that ache caused me to reflect. I quickly became determined to find a way to feel comfortable in my own skin and then help other women do the same. It all began with a thought… “My body is a miraculous gift and has done amazing things-TODAY, IT IS PERFECT”

The idea of prancing around in a swimsuit may be your idea of a nightmare wrought with terror and anxiety. “I still have weight to lose.” “My skin is so white it glows.” “I hate shopping for swimsuits because I don’t know how to find one that looks good on ME.” I wouldn’t dream of torturing others at the site of me in a swimsuit.” All valid concerns!! You are not alone in these thoughts. But this is the year, now is the BEST time to abandon those thoughts that stop you from enjoying activities with friends and family. Let’s look at THIS season as the season of options!! Here are some tips to reinforce your confidence and say TODAY I AM PERFECT.

Your Skin Is Your Canvas – Bare It Smoothed

Winter has been hard on your skin. It is dry, pale and prickly. From under arms to bikini line, removing the prickles is the first step to daring to reveal…

Options for hair removal

· Laser: Semi-permanent to permanent

· Waxing: 2-3 weeks without stubble

Targeting larger areas at time, waxing is a quick way to get rid of unsightly hair. The greatest part about waxing is the hair takes MUCH longer to grow back so the surface remains soft and smooth. This is because waxing removes the hair at the root bulb.

Tip: to avoid unnecessary discomfort, make sure skin is pulled taught before removing strip

Try: Nad’s Body Wax Strips Target $6.96

· Epilator: 2-3 weeks without stubble

One of the oldest methods of hair removal, epilators have been around for decades. Similar in speed to waxing, this tool employs a roller with up to 70 mini tweezer-like tools for amazing precision. Again pulling the hair by the root bulb insures smoother skin longer. This is especially great for short or super-fine hair.

Tip: press firmly and roll quickly on skin that is pulled taught for minimal discomfort

Try: Remington Smooth and Silky Body Curve Epilator $29.99

· Dipilatory: 1-2 weeks without stubble

Spray on, leave on for 3 minutes, wipe the hair away. It is that easy! This is the fastest-with-least-amount-of-effort method of hair removal. These creams dissolve hair and break hair bonds. When the hair bond is broken, it falls out with ease.

Tip: For best results, make sure to spray areas with even coverage

Try: Veet Suprem Essence Target $7.79

· Razor: 1-3 days without stubble

This razor has changed my belief in shaving and is a staple in my shower for summer stubble touch ups! With 5 blades for the closest shave and a wide swivel head to maneuver contours, I have NEVER cut myself using this razor. The shave is close, the skin is left smooth. And this shave lasts longer because the razor gets so close.

Tip: Shaving with bar soap creates a film which can add drag to the razor resulting in nicks and cuts. A shave gel or cream is the best companion for a girl’s razor. For BEST results, exfoliate skin prior to shaving.

Try: Gillette Venus Embrace Walgreens $4.99

Wipe On Confidence

Yes, sunless tanners require planning and time to apply as well as drying time but are the best option for gradual tanning without the harm of the sun. Your skin hasn’t seen light for over 9 months and you wouldn’t dare expose it in a swimsuit? You want to wear that fabulous skirt with bare legs and strappy sandals to the office but forgot to “tan” the night before? For a boost of confidence, get your legs ready to show by wiping on a sun kissed bronze. Yes, I said it-WIPE IT ON. For instant touch ups try a sunless tanning wipe. Easy to use, natural color, no more orange patches. Tan in a snap when you forgot the night before.

Tip: Exfoliate skin before applying for best results. Apply to arms and décolleté for an all-over bronzed look.

Try: Sonia Kashuk Tanning Towellettes Target $9.99

Cover Up?

A towel, a sarong, a pareo, a winter coat-we will do anything to cover up our swimsuit clad bodies. How do you get the towel to stay put? How do you tie your sarong? A pareo still shows one of your legs. And well a winter coat? You get the point. Welcome Summer 2011!! The modern cover up ranges from a lightweight dress to a terry cloth jumper with flattering full body lengths as well as top half or bottom half coverage. Leave your sarong at the tourist bureau and look for the amazing designs in Swimwear Compliments! As long as it is machine washable and lightweight, it can be worn as a compliment to your swimsuit. Never look at a summer skirt the same again. Swimwear, meet style-AND COMFORT. You can’t get a better than that!

Tip: Look in the swimsuit sections of most department stores for the latest in Cover Up/Swimwear Compliments. This season’s fabrics all glide over the body lending comfort and mobility.

Jumpers : JC Penney’s $14.99, 24.99

Upper cover: JC Penney’s $19.99

Lower cover skirt: Macy’s $29.99

Short Cover Up off shoulder: JC Penney’s $45

Full length Cover Up Dillard’s $69

Suit Up With A Smile

Minimizes flabby tummy. Doesn’t ride up. Comfortable straps. Supports fuller chest. Gives appearance of fuller chest. Reduces appearance of fuller bottom. Gives illusion of fuller bottom. Makes me look like I have an indented waistline. Doesn’t feel like I am wearing a lung-compressing corset. Doesn’t look frumpy. Isn’t cut too low. Doesn’t look like my teenage daughter’s tankini. Will last more than a few washes holding its shape AND color.

WOW! All these demands seem impossible to meet UNTIL you meet the MiracleSuit. A high quality compression body shaping suit designed with ALL your figure variations in mind. With comfortable underwire support for fuller chest to long torso styles to keep suit from riding, these suits are the epitome of comfort, style and most importantly SUPPORT. Ranging from sizes 6-20 as well as plus sizes up to full DD cup sizes. If your body has the variation, MiracleSuit has designed to meet your need.

Tips: A great swimsuit is like a great pair of boutique jeans. EVERY TIME you wear it, you want it to look good, fit great and allow you added confidence in style and color. The rule “You get what you pay for” applies here. This is an investment that will pay you back over and over with the satisfaction of embracing swimsuit activities without fear.

Don’t assume your swimsuit size is the same as your other clothing. The compression material of the may fit differently on your figure. Follow the measurement guides and look for the options for your figure challenges to find the perfect MiracleSuit for YOU!

MiracleSuit Macy’s, Nordstrom, Dillard’s $109-$169

Remember: Today, YOU ARE PERFECT!!

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