Conquer the Closet Clutter

Charlie VanOtten from Organized Solutions of Utah shares tips to conquer the closet clutter!

“The need for reducing clutter in bedroom closets is common. Closets become a catch-all and can quickly add a lot of frustration if they are not organized well. If everything in the closet has a home, you can find what you need quickly which reduces stress.”

• What should you expect when you work with Organized Solutions of Utah? You will have the comfort, knowing a professional will make it all happen. The process begins with a complimentary consultation where an experienced designer comes to your home to assess your needs and measure your space. After taking inventory of your items and identifying what look will best complement your home, the designer creates a 3-D rendering of the project so you know exactly what the finished product will look like. The 3-D process is unique in that it is interactive and changes can be made instantly to your design to best fit your particular needs. After the design is approved, most closet installations occur quickly.

• Outfitting your closet with functional accessories will make it easier to find your clothes and maximize your space. Your closet can be customized with pullout baskets and hampers, adjustable shelves, wardrobe rods, belt and tie racks, jewelry trays, mirrors and irons that tuck away neatly, hanging rods, drawers and much more. A closet designer can show you how to best utilize the space for your long, medium and short hanging clothes. Also adding a hutch with a bank of deep drawers eliminates the need for a traditional dresser in the bedroom. This frees up valuable floor space for other important activities such as more play space in a kid’s room.

Closet Accessorizing Ideas

It’s all in the details. Outfit your dream closet with accessories that hold, hang and display your articles with style and efficiency.

1. Prevent shoe pile-ups. Elevate your footwear with an angled shoe fence or cubbies that keep shoes paired and protected. Whether its high heels or high tops, shoe storage systems keep your shoes displayed neatly and make daily decisions easier.

2. Treat jewelry with care. Sort jewelry on velvet-lined trays to keep necklaces, bracelets and earrings separated, organized and tangle-free. Add protection to your most precious jewels by securing the drawer with a hidden lock.

3. Keep belts and scarves accessible. Use space-saving racks that slide out for keeping items within reach and neatly organized.

4. Pressed for time? Convenient ironing board swivels out for a quick press. It folds up and stows away neatly when it’s not in use.

5. Maximize floor to ceiling storage. Pull-down rods allow easy access to hanging clothes stored at the top of the wall.

6. Keep ties tidy. Display and keep his tie collection tidy and wrinkle-free with a pull-out tie rack.

7. Create centralized storage. Adding an island with shoe shelves provides additional storage and becomes a central place for folding, packing or planning the day

8. Display your next-day’s ensemble. Hang your fresh-pressed outfit on a pull-out valet rod to make decision-making easier and save time in the morning.

9. Don’t forget the small stuff. Keep keys, keepsakes, watches, cuff links, and tie clips contained in one place with a mini jewelry tray.

Closet Organizing Tips

Closet organizing may seem like a daunting task but, with the right storage system and these simple tips, you can transform an inefficient space to an organized oasis.

1. Remove the extras. Reduce visual clutter and gain more space by removing items you rarely or never wear because they don’t fit, aren’t comfortable, or are out of style. Sort them in five boxes:

o Belongs elsewhere in the home

o Give away or sell

o Not ready to get rid of (Put a date on this box and look through it in a few months to determine if the clothes still should be saved.)

o Donate

o Trash

2. Group like items together.

o Shirts in one area, skirts or pants in another.

o Use double-hung racks—one at waist height and one at eye level—to separate attire and maximize hanging space.

o Have designated areas for your items. This means you will always know where to put them away and where to find them the next time.

3. Keep objects close at hand if they are worn often. Save time looking for your favorite clothes and accessories by putting them in a place that is easy to reach. Designate your top shelf for storing items used infrequently.

4. Designate a space to store items destined for charitable donation. By establishing a zone for these items, you’ll make it easy to remember to take it along on your next errand.

To find out more about Organized Solutions, check out their website, You can also call for a free in-home design consultation.

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