Making Your Workspace Work for You

Celeste Ledesma with Ikea in Draper shares five tips.

Tip #1: Plan your Workstation

Your workstation has to work for you and what you do. The more time you spend there, the more important it is.
Consider what tasks you will be utilizing your workspace for, and plan accordingly.

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Having the perfect work desk and chair doesn’t help if it’s not properly adjusted to fit you. Utilize IKEA’s Ergonomic workspace details to plan a healthy workspace.,en_US;mini,ergo

Tip #2: Calm the Cable Craziness

Drill a hole in the back of your desk to neatly pull through electric cables. When you have one or tow cables to hide away, bind them together and run them along the wall or floor, or even around corners.
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Tip #3: A Place for Everything & Everything in its Place

Make sure that all the items you use frequently are within arms reach. Items that you use less often can be stored further away.

To keep everything tidy, use boxes with a corresponding photo or label on the outside for quick identification. Small decorative boxes look great on shelves too.
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Tip #4: Prioritize

Organize by size, shape or task. This makes finding things, and putting things away, much easier.
Stow away items you don’t need on a regular basis in clearly labeled boxes or on high shelves.
An organized, uncluttered workspace can improve your efficiency and calm your nerves.

Tip #5: Personalize

Make your workspace a reflection of you. Give it the same care and attention to detail that you put into creating a comfortable home.
Take pride in your space by making it unique. Use color, accessories and details that are inspiring and meaningful to you.

For more organization inspiration, visit Ikea in Draper, or visit their website:

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