Conquer your Kitchen: Nutrition 101

Dietician Danette Allen has tips to help you conquer your kitchen.

Ultimately the way to conquer your kitchen starts at the grocery store. What you put in your cart is key to how you feel & look in your every day. We all have our moments of the sweet crave or binge crave. If you don’t have it in your cupboards, you will not eat it!

The key to success at the grocery store is to think: “Perimeter” If you buy the majority of your items from the perimeter of the store, you will ultimately pick more fresh, nutrient dense food, helping you stay healthy and slim.


Chips/ Candy aisle – This aisle is not meant for lunch items, but is to be used only for special or on a few occasions. Once a month at the most.


1. Lean protein: choose chicken, deli meats, or eggs,

2. Dairy: Buy low fat, organic yogurt, or lean cottage cheese

3. Fruit: Pick a variety of bright colored fruits that you won’t get bored with.

4. Vegetables: Buy a variety of fresh, bright colored veggies that you can steam or eat on the go.

Danette Allen is the owner of Action Personal Training in Salt Lake City. She has been a dietician and fitness professional for the past 11 years. Danette has a huge passion for health and speaks to local and national groups about ways to feel your best. For more information about her personal training services or fitness retreats, visit

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