new water toys

Cool off with some new water toys! These are the best picks for your 2021 backyard

Add some new water toys to your backyard line up this year!

The heat this summer is no joke. What better way to cool off and still enjoy the outdoors than water toys? We have a round up of everything that is fresh and new in the world of backyard water play.

Studio 5 Producer Stephanie Bryson shares eight water toys to add to your backyard this year. Whether your kids are pool splashers or sprinkler runners, they will have a blast with a newfangled water feature.


New Water Toys for 2021

Intex Rainbow Ring Play Center, $88.99

Sun Squad Pool Float with Towel, $30

Max Liquidator Critter Blaster, $5

H2O Blasters With Water Squirters, $1, Dollar Tree

Little Tikes Play Big Dancing Sprinkler, $30.99

Funphix Sprinkler Set, $63-$135, use code “SPRINKLER” for 15% off.

Minnidip Tropical Palm Leaf Sprinkler Splash Pad,$31.99

Minnidip Tufted Ombre Luxe Inflatable Pool, $52.99