“Cool” Winter Finds

Studio 5 Trend Tracker Mindy Dunyon shares her favorite winter gear!

REI; $20 – $30

• Both the Yaktrax Pro and the Yaktrax Walker are designed so that every step you take places hundreds of biting edges in direct contact with the ice or snow beneath your feet. Yaktrax create a solid, secure grip. As you step, small coils press downward, becoming embedded into the ice below.

www.hookease.com; $59.95
• If you’ve ever struggled through the frustration of teaching a child to ski, you’re going to be amazed at how well Hookease works. It actually teaches the proper fundamentals of skiing while in a controlled environment. Beginner skiers gain confidence and learn to ski on their own with this device!
• Hookease has only been available to ski professionals until now. It will be launched to the public in September, 2011, just in time for next ski season!

Arctic Force Trac-Ball

Toys R Us; on sale for $4.99
Target; $9.99
• The Arctic Force Snow Trac-Ball was specifically designed to quickly make snowballs and launch them in the blink of an eye. The Arctic Force Snow Trac-Ball allows you to make and chuck the perfect snowball in seconds with its built-in snowball maker.

Freehands Gloves
www.freehands.com; $16
• These gloves allow you to perform all your gadgety chores. Each pair comes with magnetic flaps on the forefinger and thumb, so you can operate your touch screens!

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