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Couple Goals: How Branden and Mindy Bingham’s daily vlogs bring them closer

There are couples out there that we absolutely love and admire. That’s why we started our Couple Goals series – so we could get a chance to learn from their relationships. Branden and Mindy Bingham are the parents of the popular YouTube channel, “This is How We Bingham.”

Branden and Mindy share how their daily vlogs bring them closer together. They tell the story of how they met, and their biggest piece of advice.


  • So glad I was able to watch this even though I don’t live in Utah. I’m in Clayton, NC so thank you for putting this on your website for us to see. They are my favorite YouTube family, a family I can watch with my family and know my kids will be learning from them and I don’t have to worry about any bad influences on them. There’s so much of that already in the world it’s nice to know youtube families out there like TIHWB teach amazing life lessons! They have helped me so much this past month. I have been out of a job and everything is on my husband right now. With our rent being 1175 a month we are barely making it. We are about to lose our car but we will get through this hard period and I’m thankful my husband has a work van to get back and forth to work. Hopefully I will land a job sooner rather than later. It’s times like this that I turn to watching TIHWB, no matter what they will always put a smile on my face and I wish I could thank them all in person for being there. They have no idea how much they help their subscribers when we are down. Branden, Mindy, Ryguy, Krewbie, Brex and little Hazy….I absolutely adore your family. Keep the videos coming! THIS IS HOW WE BINGHAM BABY!!

  • Beautiful family ❤️ Their kids are loving and adorable.
    They believe faith and family. I’ve been watching them since
    Hazie was just a little baby.

      • I agree with you Jenn. Vanessa’s comment is rude to the Bingham family. She’s obviously very uncomfortable with her situation. And is sick and tired of it. But isn’t that what True Love is all about? When one is down the other picks them up? I think so.

    • That’s rude and a disrespectful comment to the Bingham family. I’m happy that you and your husband have been together for 21 yrs. I’m sorry to hear he is in bad health and has special needs. But isn’t that what True Love is all about? When one is down the other picks them up. Yes.

      • Yeah, I agree that the comment was very rude and you shouldn’t compare your husband to other people just because he has special needs.

  • I am so confused – they met in college? What about Branden’s first marriage and the daughter from that marriage? How do the ex wife and daughter fit into all this?

  • I felt like I was watching family! Because you guys feel like family! Hey Mindy thanks for the recommendation of the frozen chicken sandwich’s, they are amazing!!! Congratulations to Madi on BYU!!! Can’t wait to see more of her!!!! Thanks for making me feel like I’m a part of your family!!!! P.S. my roommate is now a fan!