Cowabunga Bay: Summer 2012

Cowabunga Bay kicks off 2012 for a huge expansion.

General Manager Shane Huish previews the park opportunities for Summer

“We are providing our guests with the same service and amenities they
have come to expect, along with a few extras,” says Shane Huish, owner of
Cowabunga Bay Water Park in Draper, UT. “Guests have asked for more
room to lay out their towels and relax so we added an additional acre of
landscaped lawn. We’ve included more giant umbrellas and a shade
structure that provides shelter from the Utah sun . . .

“We wouldn’t be much of a water park if we didn’t add more water. The
highlight of our 4th Season is Cowabung’s Kid Cove, an entirely new area
with water toys, slides and adventure for the kids. The giant play structure,
which towers six stories above the ground, and slides that rush down in
complete darkness, can intimidate younger children. The answer:
Cowabung’s Kid Cove. Think of this new attraction as a miniature version
of the world’s largest play structure. Cowabung’s Kid Cove is built
separate from the main water structure and brings the skyward attractions
down to size for younger kids that are just starting to get their feet wet.
Now even toddlers can ride slides and squirt water guns like the big kids.
There are three new slides: Guppy Racer is the perfect “first-slide” for the
little kids. Hang Two is a practice slide before they take on Hang Five and
Hang Ten Once they have mastered those two slides, the next challenge is
the Squiggler—fifteen feet tall and 600 feet of twist and turns which ends
calmly in a shut down lane.

“None of our slides exit into deep pools which make for a much safer
experience,” says Shane. “Parents can monitor their children without fear
of deep water.” Cowabunga Kids Cove is a free attraction with the price of

Our new “High Tide Action Zone” can be experienced for an additional fee,
with discounts for larger families. We want to build on the excitement of
our recent expansion with the Sky Surfer and Pipe Rider. They sky surfer
combines the thrills of bungee jumping and trampolining and allows you to
maneuver aerobatics similar to those that shoot the curl. Next, get ready
for one of the craziest water attractions around. The “Pipe-Rider ” is the
first of it’s kind and it is sure to test even the most daring thrill seeker.
This spinning sphere of water creates an endless wave allowing guests to
experience body surfing, tubing or boogie boarding. As always,
Cowabunga Bay prides itself on giving guests an experience they don’t get
at other local water parks such as our VIP Cabanas. Lounge in your own
private cabana and enjoy friendly, personal wait service. For those of you
who do not have the need to reserve an entire cabana, this year we are
introducing the Tiki Lounge. Pass beyond the velvet ropes into the comfort
of your own lounge chair, where you will sip on a complimentary drink and
order food directly from the Cowabunga Island Grill. Each Tiki experience
has a private waitperson.

Catch this awesome experience beginning May 19th; and ride the wave with
a Season Pass!

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