Sargent Steam Chemical Free Cleaning

When you want to clean your house, you normally pull out all the cleaning
agents. But have you ever considered that the chemicals you use to clean your
home may be harming you in the process?

Joyce Mathie, owner of Sargent Steam, explains what we don’t know about the
dangers of cleaning chemicals.

Of the 80,000 known chemicals in America only 2,000 are tested for safety.
Everything is tested in Europe and Canada. Recent studies show they can
cause breast cancer.

Sargent Steam uses steam that will kill germs in 2 seconds. This is extremely
rapid kill rate that cannot be duplicated by chemical disinfectants.

When you come into our store in Salt Lake at 3131 East 3300 South; order
online at our website; or call
us at (801) 879-5700, and tell us they saw us on Studio 5, we will throw in the
cart for free – $150 value

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