Create an Instant Memory with Family Face Blocks

Suni Mason with Stories By Me explains how to create the perfect home addition by placing your photos on blocks and decorating by taste. This can become the perfect memory maker and the perfect addition to your home!

Celebrate the faces of loved ones all year long!
By adding four pictures, decorative end papers, a metal eye screw, and ribbon to a wood block, you’ve got an instant hit.


Wood block(s)

Foam Brush


Decoupage Glue

4 pictures per block (we recommend printing pictures on regular paper using a laser printer)

Scraps of decorative paper large enough to cover the top and bottom of each block.

Metal Eye Screw(s)


Sandpaper / Sanding block

Distress ink/chalk (optional)

Finishing Spray (optional)

(Kits are also available at the Stories by Me website.)

Get your pictures ready by visiting their Photo Wizard on their website. It’s a free service that will help you get your pictures the perfect size for the project.

Stories by Me is Located in North Salt Lake, UT

Stories by Me

(801) 414-3128

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