homecoming backdrop
Risa Baker

Create a stunning homecoming backdrop! 4 ideas for when the dance party comes to your house

This homecoming backdrop makes the perfect after-party hangout.

We’ve checked off the first day of school, then Labor Day holiday. Now the next party is probably high school homecoming. If the date comes to your house, you’ll want to stay in the background. But that doesn’t mean you can’t put together a great backdrop – essential for the dinner party or after party!

Risa Baker shares clever ideas for when the dance date party comes to your house.

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Risa Baker is an avid decorator and DIYer. She loves to plan a party and is cultivating her skills as a graphic designer. Risa is a mother to three, and obsessed with her new golden doodle pup. She lives with her family in Kaysville, Utah. Find Risa on Instagram at restlessrisa_risabaker, and her Etsy shop at www.etsy.com\shop\risadesign.

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