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Create quilted projects out of the scraps! Here’s how to make a selvedge quilt

Using the small pieces of fabric you usually toss results in colorful, scrappy quilted projects.

Selvedges are the portion of a cut of fabric where the sides of the fabric end. They don’t fray, so they are perfect for bags, pillows, and more. Using selvedges can add scrappy color and design to any quilting project. The best part is, they’re easy for any level of quilter!

Lori Allred shares the quilting method that consists of these pieces that you usually toss. It’s stitched with strips of fabric that are less than half an inch to make a selvedge quilt.

Find more quilting inspiration from Lori on Instagram, @allreddesign, or at www.sewsimplystitched.com.


Lori’s life, like a patchwork quilt assembled from pieces collected over time, has blended into a beautiful collection of different crafty talents. When she made her first quilt in 2017, she was hooked and has been addicted ever since. For her, quilting is the perfect combination of creativity and technical challenge that results in a lasting and useful object. She is group taught, meaning she learned from quilting with groups of friends both new and old. Her advice: “If you want to learn to quilt, go hang out with quilters!” She loves the challenge of learning new techniques and patterns and promises to give everything at least one try before deciding she doesn’t like a method or style of quilting. She has been teaching for over 20 years in the craft industry. She currently resides in Syracuse, Utah with her husband, Kirk, of 31 years. She’s the mother of two, Emma & Christian. Her day job includes marketing and graphic design, and it still gives her time to quilt and money to buy even more fabric! You can follow her quilty adventures on Instagram at @allreddesign or catch her teaching at Sew Simply Stitched in Vernal later in March, 2023.


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