rainbow doormat

Dress up the door step with a rainbow doormat! Here’s how to make this 2-for-1 décor piece

Make a rainbow doormat for you St. Patrick’s Day porch.

This March, let the lucky rainbow lead right to your front door. We’re not going for a homemade wreath this time. Instead, all the colors come together to make a bright rainbow door mat. It’s a project that brings a bit of unexpected magic.

Darcie Liptrot shares the how-to. Catch her step by step to making this rainbow doormat. And an added bonus… it doubles as wall art!

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Darcie Liptrot is a life-long crafter and creator of all things home and happy. With over 25 years of experience in the crafting industry, she specializes in making the DIY movement more accessible to the community around her. Darcie hails from Syracuse, Utah where she loves doing “all the stuff”. Follow her on Instagram @darciedoesstuff, and let’s do stuff together.

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