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Let TV spark family fun! Set up a DIY treasure hunt with these step-by-step instructions

This treasure hunt jumps right off the screen!

Flip the script on screen time!

Celeste Whitney and her family let a good TV show inspire action and interaction. Their creative obsession starts with the Disney+ series, National Treasures. The series concept will captivate most school-aged kids. It can be the creative spark to more imagination, learning and problem-solving. Celeste shares some step-by-step instructions to creating our own treasure hunt—all you need is what’s around the house. Make some codes, clues and cyphers, and soon you’ll have some family fun on your hands.

Find more ideas from Celeste on Instagram, @sevenloops.


Set Up a DIY Treasure Hunt at Home


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Celeste Whitney is a former Studio 5 creative contributor with a flair for a homemade way to make things beautiful. She is always drawn to a project that no one else is doing – making her crafts and DIYs totally innovative and intriguing. Celeste is a home school mom, who has a flair for elevating the everyday in simple ways. Find and follow Celeste on Instagram @sevenloops.


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