Creating a Conversation Piece

Interior decorator, Caitlin Creer shares five ideas for incorporating conversation pieces into your decorating.

Incorporate unique and personal art:

• Handmade items are a great way to personalize your art.

• Incorporate something significant for a trip you took or a place you lived.

• Personal items such as a special piece of jewelry, a concert ticket or baby clothes make great artwork.

• These items are often free or inexpensive and when framed become a lasting memory.

Start a collection:

• Collections can have great visual impact when artfully displayed.

• It doesn’t matter as much what you collect as how you display it.

• If you look around, you may find you have naturally started accumulating certain things over time.

• Bookshelves, above kitchen cabinets, and walls can be great places to display these items – just make sure the overall effect is neat and organized.

Reinvent a family heirloom:

• Paint and upholstery can do wonders for an old piece of furniture that has sentimental value.

• If paint or re-upholstery isn’t an option or if you are nervous about damaging an old piece, juxtapose with something fresh and modern.
Try out some pattern:

• Even if you are a beige decorator, there are patterns for you.

• Using a great pattern on a pillow is an inexpensive way to incorporate current colors or trends. Pillows can be easily replaced when tastes change or you can move the item to another room.

• A chair is a fun way to add a pop of pattern and doesn’t have to be expensive.

• If you are feeling really bold, go for a wallpaper. There is a commitment but inexpensive choices can be found on the internet and even stores like Sherwin Williams and Home Depot.

Pick up a souvenir or two:

• Picking up souvenirs from your travels is a great way to preserve a memory.

• Be selective about what you buy and think about how it will work with the colors and décor of your home and where you might put it.

• Ideas of things to look for: scarves or fabric that can be made into pillows, and decorative items,

• Remember that a painting from Tuscany is more meaningful than a painting of Tuscany.

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