Heart Attack Your Home

Candice Needham with The Booktable shares 4 paper crafted Valentine projects to dress-up your home.

A Valentine’s door hanger is an adorable way to remind your family that you love them and dress-up your home.

Instructions for Valentine door hanger….

1. Use a piece of chipboard and cut out any shape of heart.

2. Using some form of acrylic paint, such as dabbers, paint your heart and allow it to dry.

3. Punch a hole at the very top and string a piece of wire though the hole to form your handle

4. Tie a ribbon around the wire in knots

5. Using strips of ribbon lay three in a row on your heart, and then attach your flower on the top of the ribbon.

(If you wish to cut out a word or shape for your heart print off your shape from your computer. Trace it on the chipboard and then with an exacto knife cut it out. Take a strip of paper and tape behind your word or shape so that you can see the paper through it)

Various kits available at The Booktable for $5.99

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