Creating a Dramatic Focal Point in Your Home

Frame Rods and Frames are a great way to attract attention to any wall in your home. Whether you need a dramatic focal point in your living room, a display down a hall or a beautiful arrangement in your entry way our Frame Rods have so many uses you will find yourself needing more than one.

Here are the steps to creating a one of a kind look centered on your family.

1. Choose your Frame Rod: Frame Rods come in 2 sizes, 3 & 5 feet. Frame Rods are available in many different styles so you’re sure to find the style that best suites your home. (They are also paint-able to match any decor)

2. Choose your frames: Take into consideration what your pictures look like, are they color or black and white? You want your frames to compliment your pictures and not compete with them.

3. Choose your ribbon: This is where you can get creative, think of your wall color, the colors in the pictures and if you want a casual or classy feel. All of these are important when choosing your ribbon. You are not limited to ribbon only, you can use any type of material to “fake hang” your pictures off your Frame Rod. Leather or suede strips give you a very rustic feel and leather belts give it an old world charm.

Changing out the ribbon color can be an easy and creative way to switch from season
to season without spending a lot of money.

Now that you have the basics it’s time to put it all together.

Using the “Fake Hang” instructions below your options for putting it all together are endless. Remember to keep scale in mind when hanging different size picture frames. Putting a picture frame directly beneath another frame and extending the ribbon down to it will give you the option to continually add pictures to your arrangement.

If you can tie your shoe you can tie a bow…don’t be intimidated when it comes to tying bows. Tie your ribbon the same way you tie your shoe, take a moment to straighten the loops and tails, cut the ends so they are even and clean. *Tip: Choosing a ribbon with a wire edge will help the bow keep its shape.

Don’t forget that the Frame Rod and ribbon are to enhance your décor not to be the main focal point. Choose frames and ribbon colors that complement your photos and fit in with your décor.
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Directions for Fake Hang

Frame Rod

Hang Frame Rod and picture frames on wall in desired location.

Remove picture frames to expose nail or screw.

For hanging without a bow cut a half a yard of ribbon for each picture

Wrap half a yard of ribbon around Frame Rod and back down
towards nail or screw with ends being even.

Tape ends to wall
close to nail or screw.

Hang picture on nail or screw.

To add a bow cut 1 yard of ribbon and slide behind the half yard of
ribbon taped to the wall, bring ends even and tie a bow.

Button (Our buttons also double as drawer pulls, see stores for details)

Hang Button and picture frame on wall in desired location.

Remove picture frame to expose nail or screw.

Cut a half yard of ribbon. Take ribbon over Button taping both ends to
the right and left of the nail or screw. Hang picture on nail or

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