How to Create a Cozy, Warm Holiday Home

Designer Natalie Callahan shows us how to create a warm, cozy holiday home.

1. Add Texture.

This is probably the biggest tip! Look for additions of visual texture (variations in height, color, and physical touch). Change out cotton and linen fabrics, pillows and throws for heavier, richer fabrics (chenille’s, velvets, furs). Vary heights and items used.

2. Add Color.

Embrace rich colors and jewel tones: chocolate browns, cranberry, medium to darker olive greens, copper/bronzes and creams. Basically, colors with a little more depth and deeper tone to them. Look for color that offers a more earthy feel; less bright than typical Christmas red and green.

3. Add Warmth and Coziness.

Again, go for the warmer, heavier fabrics. Add heavier drapes in addition to, or instead of, current window treatments in chenille’s and velvets. You can use taffetas in rich colors, but line them to add visual weight. Add rugs and thicker throw blankets. Turn on the fireplace or put logs/candles in the fireplace. Add candles wherever you can!

4. Add Sparkle.

The last two tips I will give are something that are pretty strong characteristics to what you’ll see in the magazines (Pottery Barn, Better Homes and Gardens, etc.) They use a lot of “Sparkle Catching” items. You will see lots of glass, mirrors, and metals in all colors. Look for vases filled with items, lanterns that mix both metal and glass and, again, lots of candles. This is where rustic meets sophisticated. Branches sprayed in metallic colors can offer this same effect.

5. Bring Outdoors In.

In addition to all the sparkle, one of the most prominent signs of a “magazine-quality style” is lots of outdoor elements, brought in: apples, cranberries, nuts, dried grapevine, pine garland/greenery, leaves – even feathers (a little unexpected, but really neat looking!). Even faux snow mixed with a candle or ornament inside a lantern can add an outdoor effect.

Natalie Callahan will be teaching a fee Holiday Decorating class at Osmond Designs (151 East State St., Lehi,) on Saturday November 7th at 10:00 am.
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