Creating a Family Video Christmas Card

It’s the ultimate Christmas card! The Keslers sing and dance their Christmas
greeting in a home video that’s full of festive footwork. No professional
skills needed; just the talent of a fun and playful family.

Kelsi Fullmer dropped by Studio 5 to share how she organizes her family to
pull off her amazing amateur videos.

1. Song: The song selection is extremely important and can
make or
break your video. Pick a song that is upbeat and easy to listen to with lyrics
that help you begin to visualize parts of your video.

2. Plan: Listen to your song over and over and begin to
brainstorm ideas.
It is helpful to have one person directing the video process but you’ll be
amazed at the great ideas that can come from other family members too.
Write or print out the lyrics and begin to assign parts. Be organized but
flexible to leave room for creativity. Decide on 2 or 3 locations that would
work well for filming to give the video some diversity.

3. Action: Lights, camera, action! Pick a weekend where you
can all be
together to film. If some aren’t able to be there, assign them a few parts and
have them send you their video clips. Make sure to get more than one “take”
of each scene so you have options to choose from. It is always fun to
improvise and catch those precious candid moments. Dance! Act! Have a
blast! Don’t be shy! Where can we be ourselves the most if it isn’t with our

4. Create: Now is the time you combine audio and video to
create the
masterpiece you envisioned! Search online for free video-editing software
where you will find many to choose from. I use iMovie on the Mac, which is
easy to use, and I was able to teach myself. Ask around to family and friends
and you may find someone with experience that can help with the editing

5. Entertain: Now it’s time to share your video. You can send it
out on
DVD to your extended family and friends as your Christmas card or better
yet, post it on You-Tube and share the link. You will be sure to entertain!
Family video projects have created great memories for our family. How fun
for future generations to watch their family in action! Take a break from the
regular Christmas card and this year send one with personality plus!

Kelsi Fullmer is 23 years old and the youngest of the Kesler Family that
consists of 7 children, 6 in-laws, and 22 grandchildren. I am a full time wife
and mother of a 6-month-old little boy. I come from dancing family and ever
since I was a little girl I loved making videos, whether it was making my
friends lip-sync a song, dancing, or creating a plot just to video ourselves. I
love to entertain and make my family do strange things that will create
memories for life. I enjoy documenting life by writing, pictures, and video.

Kesler family music videos can be found at:

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