Creating a Warm & Inviting Holiday Home

Jill Grover is the founder of and author of several books including “Throwing the Perfect Party.” She shares her secrets for a warm and inviting holiday home.

1. Give Your Time

It sounds simple, but leaving the kitchen long enough to greet your guests can leave a lasting impression. Don’t be so busy, you overlook a basic hosting hello!

2. Kids Count!

While the adults are busy preparing, it’s always fun to have something on hand for the kids to do. These darling Pumpkin Place Cards are so simple, even your youngest guest can help out (and they make a great addition to the Thanksgiving table!).



• Circus Peanuts

• Green Licorice

• Green Air Nerds


1. Take six circus peanuts and stick them together, forming them into a pumpkin shape.

2. Stick a piece of green licorice at the top for a stem (trim to size).

3. Cut Green Air Nerds into strips for the vine.

**To make a smaller pumpkin, cut the circus peanuts in half.

3. Bring Em’ All Together

Before the men attach themselves to the television, plan one activity (besides eating!) that the entire group can enjoy together. You could create your own Family Thanksgiving Story. Someone starts a story and, after a couple of sentences, points to someone else to continue the story. It’s more fun if you go fast. The crazier the story, the better! Pass out crayons and paper to the little Children. Have them draw pictures as they listen to the Thanksgiving Day story. Then save the story and drawings and place them in a book and label it Thanksgiving Day 2008. Fun Memory!

4. Send Home a Memory

Search the isles of your favorite dollar store for a small table décor item that could double as a party favor – something the guests can take home to help them remember this happy occasion. An inexpensive pair of gloves can instantly turn a small gourd into a thanksgiving decoration and a warm reminder of their time spent in your home!

5. Give Love As They Leave

Send your guests out the door with a little love! A good-bye gesture can come in the form of a hug or warm greeting. I often like to have a bag of treats waiting in their shoe, by the door, as they leave. A small and simple gesture can go a long way (and provide a yummy treat for the car ride home!).

Jill Williams Grover is the founder of “Jillie Willie,” an online company that sells aprons, housedresses, accessories and more! She is the author of nine books, including “Throwing the Perfect Party: Fun Games and Activities for Wedding & Bridal Showers” and “Dime Store Decorating.”

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