Personalized Soap Dispenser

These personalized soap dispensers are creative, useful and inexpensive. They are a great gift for Christmas or any time of year.

Studio 5 Contributor Kiersten Blanchard shared these project instructions one year ago on Studio 5. The project is so popular, we have re-posted it for your convenience.

Personalized Soap Dispenser


Soap container (Item #B3222 at Industrial Container)

Pump topper (Item #DP111E at Industrial Container)

8½”x11″ paper with individual templates for copying or printing

Transparencies with copied templates

Paper cutter

Wire cutters or heavy duty scissors

Clear hand soap


Purchase soap container and pump toppers at Industrial Container. (1845 S. 5200 W.) Together, they cost $ .83. Using wire cutters or scissors, trim the pump topper so that it will fit in the container.

Create a template for each container on your computer. First create a text box (3.2″Hx2.5″W). In several different fonts, type the words to the “hand text.” (See picture) There will be some blank room below the text. That will help the text show up in the correct place when trimmed and placed in the soap container. Copy the text box and paste several next to each other. I fit 9 on a page. At the top, put the name of each family.

Print or copy templates onto transparencies. (Using a laser printer or copy machine.)
Cut out each text box, trimming to just over 3 inches high by 2 ½ inches wide. Roll up and put into the container. Fill the container with clear soap. Screw the pump topper on top and decorate with holiday ribbon. (You can give this alone, or add a hand towel.)

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