Creating An Ambiance Through Lighting

Studio 5 contributor Katie Bell shares 4 ideas on how to use lighting to set the mood for your next event.

1. Reflective Decorations

Using jeweled and multi-faceted decorations with your lighting helps to reflect light and create a whimsical feel.

2. Chinese Paper Lanterns

These are popping up everywhere from baby showers to weddings, these popular lanterns can give your event an exotic feel and add a dash of color.

3. Mix and Match Glassware

Mason jars, glasses, votives, and salt and pepper shakers are a few of the household items you could use to create an eclectic feel. You can also wrap wire around the top of your glassware and hang it from a nearby tree or floral centerpiece.

4. String Bulb Lights

These are great all year round – hang them from your gazebo, trellis, or covered porch and any occasion held outside feels like a special event.

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