Organize your Garden Tools

Vicki Winterton, professional organizer and an online organizing expert, shares ways to organize your Garden tools.

The best way to go about organizing your garden tools is to use the 4M formula:

1. Minimize by purging your broken tools and those you no longer use or need.

2. Measure (take stock of) the tools you have & decide on an area to store your gardening tools.

3. Maximize your storage space by defining tool categories (see Vicki’s category link below) then contain the tools in storage products. (see Vicki’s favorite storage products link below). Consider these three factors:

• Tool containers are either portable (movable) or stationary (non-movable)

• Safety issues

• Frequently used items should be made more accessible

4. Maintain the storage system you design by labeling your garden tool categories THEN place a check-out list in your garden tool zone so you can remember who you loan tools out to. (see Vicki’s check-out list link below).

Organizing your garden tools so they are ready when you need them is worth your time. Once the job is done, you are ready for this years gardening projects. Prepare your tools and storage areas now to enjoy the “fruits” of your labors for seasons to come. Organizing any space saves you valuable time and money. Now that’s something to plant, cultivate & nurture!

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Vicki Winterton is a professional organizer and an online organizing expert who co-hosts The Organized Woman Show. To listen to her shows, visit Vicki’s Utah based professional organizing business, ORGANIZING Mind over Matter, is found at

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