Creating Clean Calm: Four Secrets to daily upkeep

Studio 5 contributor Ashley Kewish teamed up with home economist Sandra Phillips, and together they took on the challenge of kicking out the clutter and getting back the calm.

CONVENIENCE: Make cleaning convenient.
Tools and cleaners should be organized, and within reach. If you have younger children, keep the caddy on a high shelf. If cleaners and tools are ready-to-go…we’re more likely to do it.

ACCESSORIES: Using the correct tools stops cleaning frustration.
Make the tool fit the person. Don’t make kids use fake tools.
Other great tools make cleaning easier like microfiber cloths. They’re thirsty and abrasive without scratching, the new Shaw’s pads for gleaming toilets].

LISTS – Making a job list of what really needs to be done can create cleaning calm!
There can be great stress around holiday times, but kids are also more motivated to please.
Make a fun Hanukah or Christmas tree list (or whatever holiday) and children can pick their tasks in a fun way.

MATS – Stop dirt at the door.
Less dirt coming into the house mean less cleaning.
Gravel, salt, sand, grit and cinders from snow come inside, unless we keep it out.
Scrapper mats are need outside the door and wiper mats inside all entrances. This will keep out 80 percent of dirt.

The cleaning products and tools we used were all from Don Aslett Cleaning Centers stores (10610 South Redwood Road, South Jordan) or they are available on line at

Item 58-600 – “Starter Cleaning Kit” in convenience caddy $39.95

Item 30-315 – Telescoping mop handle with microfiber pad $18.95

Item 69044 – Extension handle lambs wool duster $8.95

Item AQ10009 – Microfiber dusting mitten [white] $1.95 each

Item 27-230 – Inside door mats 2′ x 3′ $30.95

Item 23-340 – Outside scraper (Astroturf) mats 3′ x 4′ $37.95

Item SPH1001D – Shaw’s pad (for cleaning inside ring on toilet)                             $6.95

Sandra Phillips has a degree and graduate study in family and consumer studies (home economics). She is a mother of eight and currently resides in Idaho.

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