Creating Your Own Brand for Your Family

Creating Your Own Brand for Your Family

If you want to create a strong family bond, you might take a cue from the business world. Effective Families, much like successful businesses, can benefit from having a strong brand and logo.

Mark Hobbins, from Family IQ explains how a brand can strengthen your family.

At, parents are taught that there is a unifying power to be experienced when families create and nurture their own Family Brand. Consider the millions of dollars spent by businesses in order to create unique and identifiable brands and company logos. Then add to that figure the hundreds of millions of dollars that the company spends on advertising that same brand and logo. Why do the companies do this? Because, when a customer identifies with a company’s brand, a loyal relationship can begin. With identification, comes purchasing, and when we recognize the brand and identify what it stands for, we tend to purchase products that display that brand.

Families can also create greater family loyalty and influence positive behavior by family members when the family has identified their own Family Brand and Logo. A Family Brand consists of the most important values that a family commits to and then actually lives by.

The values that a family develops are traditionally the foundation for how children learn, grow, and function in the world. These values can be associated with a symbol that is recognized and understood by all family members. A family’s identified values and symbol(s) constitute the family’s unique family brand. Many families use a tool located at to create and design their Family Brand and Logo. Once created, this unique Family Brand is reviewed during family gatherings, used as a reminder of how family members have committed to behave, and used as a rallying point to lift one another.

Families are encouraged to use the tool at and place their Family Brand on clothing, household items, and literally anything at all. A Family Brand emblazoned products can serve as a reminder to families of who they are as a family and what they stand for.

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