Romantic Rendezvous Marriage Retreats

Romantic Rendezvous Marriage Retreats

Imagine your marriage full of happiness, love and communication. It could happen in a day.

Dr. Klayne Rasmussen is a Marriage and Family therapist with Intralife Performance Center and is getting set to host the largest marriage retreat he’s ever done.

We’ve held the Romantic Rendezvous marriage retreats semi-annually for the past 8 years. Couples have flown in from all around the country to attend. The concept is to help couples take their marriage to the next level by giving them unique tools and principles developed over my 19 years of helping couples.

These concepts and ideas have helped hundreds of men and women revitalize their relationships, and even saved relationships headed for disaster and move towards making the marriage of your dreams. One couple close to divorce came down from Idaho several years ago and wrote that the retreat saved their marriage. At our most recent retreat this month one couple came on the verge of divorce and left hand in hand. The wife gave me a big-thumbs up as they walked out the door.

Couples don’t have to be in a stressed marriage to benefit. Infact, of the couples who have attended are doing just fine. They come to learn how to make their marriage even better, or to rejuvenate and reconnect. There are many unique principles presented that are not available anywhere else that give couples, at whatever level of satisfaction in their relationship, the tools to take their marriage to the next level.

· We explain what Goldilocks has in common with marriage

· We talk about the nuclear nine reasons marriages struggle and how to avoid the explosion

· We talk about what men and women really want in a marriage, and how to get what you and your spouse are really looking for.

· We even give couples the “magic formula” for marital success.

· Most of all we have a lot of fun and enjoy each other’s company.

Let’s look at what Goldilocks teaches us about how we do our marriage. She taught us that we all look for someone who is not to close (too hot) nor to distant (too cold) but someone who is just right. This is the person who among all the people we dated we chose to marry. If you understand that you are both emotionally “just right” for each other it will take a lot of fear and misunderstanding out of how the relationship works on a daily basis.

We explain it in much more detail at the retreat and help you implement it into your marriage. This concept alone could save a troubled marriage and make a good marriage even better.

We’ve decided to make it more accessible to the many couples who need this information, which is all of them in my opinion. We’re working with KSL Deals today and the Zermatt Resort and are making available 3 Love and Learn Marriage Retreats at a huge discount in May and June. For those who want to make it a get-away, Zermatt is also discounting room rates for our participants.

Our goal at the love and learn retreats is to help you succeed in your relationship so you can create the marriage of your dreams. Your viewers will find the concepts enlightening and very beneficial to their marital success.

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