The “Big” Talk About Sex


Be the first to talk to your kids about sex. Taking a pro-active approach can protect your child from misinformation. Find out how to start the conversation.

Parenting Authors, Richard and Linda Eyre, believe it’s best to start early, but it’s never too late to talk to your kids about sex.

What is the most dangerous problem our children face today?

A good case can be made for the answer, “Earlier and earlier sexual experimentation.”

We live in a world where sex is often portrayed as recreation, and where the “everyone does it” mentality in media fosters an amoral attitude among kids.

And parents, who find the “facts of life” talk too embarrassing, are doing little about it.

Studies show that the earlier and the more thorough talk parents have with kids about sex, the greater the chance that dangerous early experimentation and promiscuity can be avoided.

But HOW do we have the talk?

Hope is on the way! Go to for instructions and an actual dialogue that will give kids a positive and correct view of human intimacy.

Be the first, not the last one to talk to your kids about sex! Don’t let your kids main source be the media and their peers!

New York Times #1 Bestselling Authors Richard and Linda Eyre are the parents of nine children and, by coincidence, the authors of 9 internationally distributed parenting and life-balance books. They lecture throughout the world on family related topics, and are the founders of Visit the Eyres anytime at or

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